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Opening Your PC Created Bookmarks and Webpages
on a Macintosh Computer

If opening the Bookmarks list and/or Webpages that you created in the PC Lab at Fresno Pacific University by clicking on the icons on your floppy disk does not work, try these steps:

  1. Close any other programs that are open on your computer

  2. Connect to the internet in your usual manner

  3. Open your web browser

  4. Insert the floppy disk into the disk drive (if it isn't already there...)

  5. Click on the File menu

  6. Select Open (hint: you may need to select Page in Navigator if you are using a version 4 Netscape Browser or  Open File if you are using Internet Explorer

  7. Navigate to the Desktop and then to the Floppy Disk

  8. Open the Floppy Disk

  9. Double click on the Bookmark or Webpage icon on the Floppy Disk

  10. Your Bookmarks list or Webpage should appear on the screen

  11. Save a Mac version of the webpage by selecting Save As from the File menu (Hint: be sure to select the HTML or Source file format.).   You can save the Mac version of the webpage to the floppy disk or to your hard drive.

  12. Now you should be able to open the Bookmarks list or Webpage by simply clicking on the new icon that appears on the Floppy Disk or on your Hard Drive.

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Bob Jost: bobjost@fresno.edu
Revision Date:  July 23, 1999