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pixel.gif (42 bytes) Module 1: Exploring the Outlook User Interface

Menu and Toolbars
Outlook Bar
Information Viewer
Using the Outlook Assistant
Explore the Outlook Interface

Module 2: Inbox (Managing Your Online Communication)

Inbox View Options
Checking for New E-Mail
Composing and Sending E-Mail
Sending Copies of E-Mail (CC: and BCC:)
Formatting E-Mail
Replying to E-Mail
Forwarding E-Mail
Inserting (Attaching) Files
Creating a Signature File
Entering a New Address Book Contact
Creating a New Group Distribution List
Using a Global Address List
Editing Address Book Entries
Creating Inbox Folders
Applying Rules (Filters) to the Inbox

Module 3: Calendar (Managing your Schedule)

Calendar Views
Scheduling a New Appointment
Editing an Existing Appointment
Scheduling a New Event
Scheduling a New Meeting
Printing Your Calendar

Module 4: Contacts (Managing Your Contact Information)

Contacts Views
Adding a New Contact
Editing a Contact
Find a Contact
Printing Your Contacts List
Flagging for Follow Up
Sending E-Mail to Contacts
Other Features (Maps, vCard, etc.)
Assigning a Task to a Contact
Planning a Meeting with Contacts

Module 5: Tasks (Managing Your On-going Tasks)

Tasks Introduction / Adding a Task
Adding Details to a Task
Creating Recurring Tasks
Viewing Your Tasks
Creating a Calendar Appointment from a Task
Organizing Your Tasks Folder

Module 6: Journal (Managing Your Documents)

Module 7: Notes (Managing Random Information)

Module 8: Outlook Today (Integrated Access to Calendar, Mail and Tasks)

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