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Transforming Bookmarks into Webpages

The tight integration between Netscape Navigator and Netscape Composer makes it very easy to transform a Netscape Bookmarks list into a webpage with active HyperText links. Give it a try with your current Bookmarks list using these steps:

  1. Open the Netscape Bookmarks Screen (using the Ctrl - b or Command - b shortcut) or select Edit Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.
  2. Select Save As from the File menu
  3. Change the default "bookmarks" file name to a name that reflects the content of your webpage
  4. Save the Bookmarks list to the floppy disk or to your desktop
  5. Open the saved bookmarks list from your desktop with the Netscape Navigator web browser
  6. Select Edit Page from the File menu to open Netscape Composer
  7. Drag across the links you wish to import to this webpage by dragging across the text while holding down the mouse button
  8. Note: You must be in Composer when you perform the step above... if you are in Navigator, all you will copy will be the text on the webpage.
  9. Close the exported bookmarks page
  10. Open a new webpage using Composer
  11. Position the cursor in the empty line near the top of the screen
  12. Select Paste from the Edit menu
  13. Your bookmarks should appear on the screen
  14. Edit the webpage if desired
  15. Save the webpage to your floppy disk



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